What is the Food & Beverage Industry? 

The Food & Beverage industry has a unique role in expanding economic opportunity because it is universal to human life and health. Directly related to the Agricultural industry, Food & Beverage is the avenue where people access the sustenance they need in their daily lives.

This industry helps create sustainable food and beverage production, improve global supply chains for distribution, develop alternative and innovative food products for users at home and in developing nations abroad. 


Military Skills Translation

The Food & Beverage industry offers a vast variety of careers that range from entry level to degree concentrated roles. Those with a military background have thrived in the industry's fast-paced, team focused environment because they tend to be fast learners who think strategically on their feet.  

Military personnel demonstrate unparalleled competencies like dedication, loyalty, and resourcefulness that make them instrumental within the food and beverage operation.

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Featured Food & Beverage Careers

Scroll below to learn more about just a few of the career paths the Food & Beverage Industry provides to Veterans, members of the Guard and Reserve, transitioning service members, and military families. Check out the information below to see the most popular job types in the industry and click on the job title for more details.

National data on career information, including salary ranges were compiled by payfactors.com.


Retail Sales Representative

$22,520 - $31,331 annually

Assists customers in finding products or services that meet their needs. Answers questions or provides demonstrations. Completes sales transactions, which may include arranging for delivery/installation. Restocks merchandise, and ensures store appearance meets standards.


Account Specialists 

$64,608 - $89,674 annually

Performs work associated with soliciting sales from current clients and prospects. Coordinates sales negotiations, provides forecasting information, and recommends modifications to products and/or services based on customer feedback. Works under moderate supervision and must be able to think on their feet to properly handle each account.


$37,794 - $44,376 annually

Ensures that retail store's visual displays align with brand strategies and organizational goals. Develops store display plans, communicates visual presentation standards to store managers and retail staff, and ensures merchandise availability for displays. Provides leadership, coaching, and/or mentoring to a subordinate group. May act as a "lead" or first-level supervisor. 

Manufacturing and Operations

Production Supervisor 

$47,336 - $66,489 annually

Supervises workers who operate production machinery, assemble items, perform quality control, or package goods for shipment. Coordinates the flow of work and staffing to ensure that department has sufficient inventory to meet demand. 

Maintenance Mechanic

$38,928 - $53,197 annually

Uses hand tools, power tools, and precision measuring and testing instruments to repair and maintain machinery and mechanical equipment, such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment. 

Production Operator

$41,055- $56,757 annually

Performs a variety of tasks in support of production operations. Fills a variety of roles on the production line as needed. Sets up, operates, and maintains production equipment or machinery. Prepares, inspects, or measures raw materials. 

Logistics, Supply Chain, Distribution, and Transportation

Warehouse Supervisor I

$42,299- $58,033  annually

Supervises workers in a warehouse. Oversees operations for a portion of a warehouse or during an assigned shift. Coordinates a team that receives, stores, and distributes materials, equipment, and/or supplies. Tracks inventory and monitors operations for compliance with regulations.

Route Driver

$36,947 - $56,341 annually

Drives a company vehicle for the purpose of transporting goods to or from warehouses or stores. Inspects the vehicle pre- and post-trip. Monitors the maintenance and repair of the vehicle. Assists with or oversees loading and unloading. Maintains logs recording cargo transported, arrival and departure times, and miles traveled.


Forklift Operator 

$30,177 - $38,488 annually

Operates a forklift to lift, load, or move material within or directly outside of warehouse operations. Inspects, maintains, and repairs forklift equipment as needed. Must operate at the highest levels of safety in order to keep the warehouse and storage facilities in ideal working conditions for employees. Requires a high school diploma.

Inventory Control Clerk

$32,620 - $41,938 annually

Maintains a perpetual inventory of material, equipment, and supplies. Records purchases, maintains database, and reconciles actual stock count to office records (or computes figures from records) to obtain inventory levels and ensure company supplies. 

Quality Assurance and Food Safety

Quality Assurance Supervisor

$70,145 - $92,971 annually

Supervises workers and tasks within the quality assurance function of an organization. Coordinates and reviews the work of a team of analysts or inspectors who collect data identifying potential quality failures, evaluate quality of raw materials or components, in-progress goods, processes, or operations. Assists team members in interpreting quality standards. 


Quality Control Technician I

$31,517- $42,127 annually

Performs a variety of quality control tests on products at various stages of the production process to ensure compliance with quality standards. Records statistical data. Analyzes data and writes summaries to validate or show deviations from existing standards. Recommends modifications to existing, or suggests new, standards, methods and procedures.

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Quality Analyst I

$42,720 - $57,720 annually

Develops and implements processes and procedures meant to improve quality throughout the organization. Performs inspections of goods, analyzes data, and identifies trends in defects or errors. Investigates quality failures and recommends changes to internal procedures to prevent future quality issues. Assesses and reports on the impact of process changes makes recommendation for improvement. 

Information Technology

System Administrator I

$56,094 - $72,835 annually

Installs and maintains operating systems and related software to ensure stable performance. Evaluates system specifications, input and output processes, and working parameters for hardware and software compatibility. Troubleshoots networking and operating system problems. Must be familiar with shell and kernel-level programming and system-specific requirements. Researches and recommends innovative and possible automated approaches for system administration tasks. 

Data Security Analyst I

$54,868- $66,671 annually

Develops and implements policies and procedures meant to protect organizational data assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction. Audits and evaluates existing data storage or transfer systems to identify weaknesses and assess risk; performs vulnerability testing. Implements new or upgraded security measures or controls, and documents system or policy changes. Ensures compliance with regulations governing data security.

Web Developer I

$63,034 - $80,220 annually

Develops and implements website software code. May be responsible for website concept, design, and architecture. Trouble-shoots issues and problems, and debugs coding issues. May be assigned to smaller projects or phases of larger projects. Performs work under direct supervision. Handles basic issues and problems, and refers more complex issues to higher-level staff. Possesses beginning to working knowledge of subject matter. Typically requires a Bachelor's degree.