Quality Control Inspector

The Food and Beverage industry faces unprecedented regulation as consumers and governments worldwide demand high levels of food quality control and safety with “farm-to-fork” and “boat-to-plate” traceability. Major trends are creating quality control challenges for Food and Beverage manufacturers, including:

  • Increasingly global Food and Beverage supply chain
  • Number of recalls increasing—a fourfold increase in just 5 years
  • Average recall costs $10 million

In addition to regulatory compliance, quality control inspectors need better real-time visibility—within plants, across plants, and all along their global supply chain to proactively:

  • Reduce risks
  • Improve product consistency
  • Reduce costs

What are some responsibilities of a quality control inspector? 

  • Responsible for the quality control aspects of raw materials and finished products
  • Prepares reports on each test performed for measuring quality, quantity and composition
  • Computes formulas, percentages or production specific factors using chemical and mathematical procedures
  • Assist in setting quality standards and ensure that production is maintained at such standards
  • Sample and identify, if any, bacterial or non-desirable excess material
  • Prepare graphs, charts and reports from test results
  • Responsible for maintaining the long-term continuity of production and service quality
  • Completes tests required for food product packaging
  • Keep records of all tests that have been carried out
  • Perform quality control analysis including tests and inspections of products and processes
  • Maintain the corporate quality manual and quality records
  • Review and report the principle causes of quality loss and non-conformance
  • Ensure all check sheets are correctly completed and all non-compliance found have had the correct action taken and signed off
  • Arrange, coordinate and participate in external quality audits