Veteran Employment Leaders

Choosing the right road to success is important. Our Veteran Employment Leaders are not only leading their industries in veteran employment, but are also actively helping military men and women in their transitions by educating them on the different careers available, which career paths are best for them and providing ongoing career support. Learn more about our industry leaders by clicking your preferred employer below. 

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Phillips Distilling

From a tiny distributor of candy and newspapers to becoming one of the most innovative and enduring distilled spirits companies in America, Phillips Distilling has a history that spans the globe, five generations, and hundreds of products. Today, our leading brands represent our passion for quality, craft and exceptional taste. Cheers to that.



Nestlé provides quality brands and products that bring flavor to life every day. Nestlé USA makes delicious, convenient, and nutritious food and beverage products that make good living possible. That’s what “Nestlé. Good Food, Good Life” is all about. 

Bite Squad

Part-time or full-time days or nights; Bite Squad lets you set your availability and create flexible, consistent schedules that adapt to your lifestyle.



Starbucks has an unusually human approach to business. We always figured that putting people before products just made good common sense.