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Stephanie Camell — U.S. Army National Guard Military Spouse

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Like many military spouses, Stephanie has had an incredible education—both from a traditional university and through her experience in the military community. As the spouse of a member of the United States Army National Guard, Stephanie learned to “roll with the punches” in uncertain circumstances as she finished her degree in marketing and began her career path. This skillful flexibility served her well in her journey to become successful as a marketing professional in the Food & Beverage industry.

As the Associate Marketing Manager at Phillips Distilling Company, Stephanie puts her mental agility and marketing degree to work by supporting the creation of the annual trade marketing calendar, manages global and local agency relationships , creates and delivers national and international shopper marketing programs that help drive company growth, including Salute to Heroes.  

Looking back at her career trajectory, Stephanie recalls that she laid the foundation for her success before actually starting her position. While the industry interested her because it’s an ever-changing and dynamic sector that fit with her ability to keep on her toes and adjust to whatever comes her way, she didn’t know a lot of the ins-and-outs of each specific position. To get the information she needed to ensure she could fulfill her potential, Stephanie used her resources: people. First, she sought out letters of recommendation from individuals with whom she had previously worked within the industry to include in her application. Then after she submitted her formal application, she made sure to follow up with the corresponding hiring managers to stay “in the know” and keep a more personalized relationship with them as they decided who to ultimately hire.

Stephanie recommends other members of the military community follow her “trick of the trade” of understanding your resources—especially those resources that offer personal mentoring like the Hiring Our Heroes program—as they consider Food & Beverage careers.

In fact, she recently had the opportunity to see first-hand the power that Veteran-specific resources like Salute to Heroes and Hiring Our Heroes can have on the military community with one individual who recently began his career:

“One of my proudest moments at Phillips is working on the Salute to Heroes program. It’s still only three years old, but at the beginning of every year, we work to find ways to continue and make it a better program and positively impact the lives of veterans and their spouses. This year, one of our partners hired their first veteran into their organization as a direct result of the Salute to Heroes program. I was able to meet the individual on the day he was hired, and it was such an amazing experience to see the program really helping our Nation’s heroes.”

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